The Institutional Equities business of Asit C. Mehta Investment Interrmediates Ltd. (ACMIIL) caters to domestic and foreign institutional investors for Indian equities. We are empanelled for the past 3 decades with the majority of Nationalised Banks, Mutual Funds, Insurance companies, Pension Funds, and Corporate Investors. We provide execution services in Equities and Derivatives on the National Stock Exchange as well as BSE Ltd. We also assist our Institutional customers in sourcing High Value as well as volume Blocks in various trading segments.


Our strength lies in providing world-class execution service. We provide fix linkages to the trade execution services of BLOOMBERG. We have also implemented automated algo for our institutional clients. Strategies such as TWAP, POV, ICEBERG, GUERRILLA, VOLUME TRIGGER, etc. are available with us. Besides automation, the system has Basket trading capability, Risk management. Decision support tools along with Back Office Integration. This system is supported by ODIN, FIX (Bloomberg -EMSX) complaint Institutional Trade management service. ACMIIL is well equipped to assist as well as execute various investment opportunities to domestic and foreign institutional investors (FIIs).


Execution-based strategies enable automatic execution of institutional algorithms and help in achieving specified level of participation or execution around a target price or by mirroring the volume profile of the total traded volume. The key advantage provided by the suite of Execution-based strategies is the availability of multiple execution styles ranging from very passive to very aggressive, which can be assigned to specific clients resulting in efficient order execution.


Price Range Participation

It participates as per the user-defined price ranges and its participation percentage. It adjusts the participation according to the price until the order is completed.


Manual and Automated volume curve formation for VWAP+ algorithms enables the user to trade a certain quantity in a specified period of time as well as maintain average execution price for the algorithm closer to the market average.

Implementation Short Fall

It allows the user to maintain a certain average traded price by changing its participation according to market conditions.


It allows the user to enter a small portion of the order into the market with pre-defined quantity while simultaneously scanning the counter liquidity for better opportunities.

Percentage of Volume (POV)

It allows the execution of the order inline with the market volume as per the user-defined participation until the order is completed.


Iceberg: It allows the user to enter a small portion of the order at a time into the market. Once the displayed size is completed it will send the next round till the full order is completed.

Volume Trigger

It primarily aims at capturing liquidity as quickly as possible at user-defined parameters by not disclosing to the market and seeking counter liquidity at a pre-defined price resulting into minimizing market impact and information leakage.


It spreads the total quantity to be executed over a predefined period of time at user-defined prices while ensuring minimum market impact.


Global FIX Network Connectivity with Bloomberg :

The Bloomberg FIX Specifications for Equity Order Routing describes the application of the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol for the Bloomberg’s Auto Execution (Auto Ex) Equity Order Routing (EOR) platform. The execution Management system is a multi-asset class trading platform that integrates Bloomberg exchange and our data with equity, futures, and options orders, allowing us seamlessly route to algorithmic orders to facilitate settlement processes, EMSX allows to download order details into accounting and back-office systems, as well as run execution reports to populate Order Management System (OMS) in real-time. EMSX provides a straight-through processing solution that simplifies and automates all trading activity on our global trading desk



  • Integrated Market Watch
  • Institutional Order Book with grab order functionality
  • Client order creation locally through order entry screen
  • Value based Order Entry support
  • Split parent order into multiple users
  • Auto and Manual Slicing
  • Single click convert to Algo order
  • Linking and Unlinking of executed orders to a parent order
  • Trade Bust feature for modification of erroneous execution
  • Post Trade Allocation
  • Deal Ticket generation
  • Trade Confirmation


  • Combined Market Depth across exchanges
  • VWAP Calculator
  • Dollar calculator
  • Market Depth WAP (Grab Analysis


  • Robust Rule based Risk
  • Management Framework
  • Template based Risk Settings
  • Over 120+ Pre-Trade and Post
  • Trade Risk Checks
  • High Availability and Disaster
  • Recovery available to mitigate
  • business loss due to hardware failure


  • Seamless Flow of User information and
  • Risk Checks to Front Office
  • Seamless integration for Order & trade flow
  • Communication of Post Trade
  • Allocation from Fix to Front Office to Back office
  • Trade Burst from Trading application to back office