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In today’s world, being literate is not good enough. One has to be financially literate as well to be able to achieve financial goals and to maintain a desired standard of living. Everyone goes through a process of learning both formal and informal as they are ready to face life as an adult. Managing personal finance, planning for the future, and the importance of savings and investments are qualities that every individual has to build in. We all somehow manage our money. We earn, we spend, we save, we invest, and we buy insurance in some form or the other. However, most of the time, it is not optimal. The priorities are misplaced. Conscious efforts are not made to learn and imbibe finance as part of our DNA.

At investmentz.com, we feel everyone must as a first step try and evaluate oneself as to how equipped they are to manage their finances. Formal evaluation of financial literacy will help one with a road map to the efforts one has to make to upgrade the knowledge and skillsets to sensibly manage their personal finance. Hence, before you set your financial goals, you need to evaluate your own self with respect to financial literacy. Let us help you in being prepared for the future. With the help of the online financial literacy test, you have the chance to estimate your level of understanding of the financial market before delving deeper into the practical application of the same. Take the financial literacy test and gauge your ability to ride even the most powerful torrents and trends in volatile markets. With www.investmentz.com, you can be sure that your financial preparation happens in the most holistic and sinuous way possible.

Objective: To assess the level of conceptual and product understanding of basic personal finance of the participant.

Methodology: Closed-ended, multiple-choice questionnaire designed in sequential method.

Scoring methodology:

  • Each question will have 4 options.
  • The option with the right answer scores 1 point. All other options carry 0 points.
  • The total maximum points are 20.
  • No negative scoring for choosing the wrong answer.
  • All names and situations mentioned in the test questions are hypothetical.
  • The qualifying score is:
    • Pass (qualified as financially literate) 60% i.e. – 12 points
    • Distinction: 80% i.e. – 16 points
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