Invest in iBaskets to achieve your financial goals

Investment Basket is an easy way to invest in stocks. Choose from a range of Investment Baskets to fulfil your financial goals.

The Cut-Off time of iBasket order execution (Buy & Sell) is 3:15 pm. Order received after 3:15 pm will execute on the next working day after the market is opened.

Return is calculated on the basis of an investment amount of 100.

Investment Baskets

Invest Wisely in The Equity Markets

At investmentz.com, we offer a set of baskets to meet your investment needs. Each basket is customized to provide assured equity & debt exposure through a portfolio of stocks, Mutual Fund, ETF, and other asset classes.

These baskets are monitored by our team consisting equity & debt specialists, who can help you to make disciplined investments aligned to your financial goals. The baskets are constructed to suit different types of investor risk profiles.


What are ACEs?

ACE is the supernormal stock basket designed by the ACMIIL market experts through a scientific investing framework. ACEs are developed to match different types of investors with different risk appetites. 

Why do I need Aces?

Many investors, especially beginners, invest in the equity market based on poor research, stock tips- which are unethical elements of investing. The net result can be unpredictable, providing optimum returns.


ACEs include stocks through the scientific investing framework process. The safety element thus becomes high. Ibasket, just like any other equity investment, is subjected to market risk.


In ACEs, liquidity is high because often traded stocks are included in the basket. Equities in the basket available are for the long-term duration, i.e., a minimum of three years.

Stock Selection Methodology


Scientific Investing

Capital Destroyer

Unstable Business, Bankruptcy prone Balance Sheet

Capital Eroder

Destruction Capital Allocation

Capital Imploder

Overvalued Market Prices

Capital Compounder

Supernormal Companies Supernormal Price


iBasket FAQs

No. However the shares are selected based on long term duration i.e. at least 3 years. So it is advisable to stay invested for a period of 3-5 years

The stocks in the basket will be as per the discretion of the ACMIIL. Our team of equity experts would review these stocks from time to time. If one stock is not performing well, our team may replace it with a stock which in our team’s view is one of the best performing securities in the market. This again will be at the discretion of ACMIIL. But the investor has the option to create a basket of his own.

In a bank mandate, a third party will be authorized to debit a specific sum from your bank account during regular intervals. By submitting a mandate form, you authorize your bank to conduct an auto-debit transaction. In this transaction, the specified amount is drawn from your savings account on predetermined dates. The drawn amount is then invested by way of SIPs in the stock basket you want to invest in. This will be the case if the investor chooses the SIP way to invest in the stock basket. Hence, bank mandates facilitate investments in the most hassle-free, paperless, and convenient manner. Concerning the bank mandate, we will need 20% more mandate for the entire basket amount. This is because of the fluctuations in the stock price. Please note it is compulsory to have a bank mandate for Stock Basket investment

Investment Basket Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a method of investing in any basket, wherein an investor invests a fixed amount of his choice at regular intervals. It is advisable to start an SIP so that there is regular saving habit and you can also average the price by buying during different points of time in the market.

Stocks are not frequently replaced, but they are frequently monitored. Stocks are replaced if a company is not performing on anticipated growth plan expected during the time of investment.

Yes. As the shares purchased using the Stock Basket App will be in your DEMAT account, you will receive all the dividends directly in your linked bank account.

Other corporate actions such as Bonuses, Splits will also be adjusted automatically in your DEMAT account. The Basket profits or returns would include any dividends, benefits received out of corporate actions.

iBasket - Terms and Conditions

  • As per the Schedule I commercial terms- the client has to pay the total fees incurred on the provided rates.
  • The Basket profits or returns would include any dividends, or benefits received out of corporate actions.
  • All the costs, fees, charges as per Schedule I, and expenses of whatsoever nature incurred by us in connection with the acquisition, holding, sale, and transfer, in respect of the dematerialized state charges of the Depository Participant, in respect of Securities shall be paid by the Client.
  • ACMIIL will invest your money to the price close to the basket amount. Any surplus left during the investment course, based on the investor's choice- either the surplus amount will be invested in another investment product or return to the investor.
  • The stocks in the basket will be as per the discretion of the ACMIIL. We would review these stocks from time to time, and the rebalancing would be done (if any), of the stocks in the basket, which will be at the discretion of ACMIIL.
  • ACMIIL will charge 0.3 % on the sale of the transaction towards rebalancing charges. There will be no charge on the purchase of shares during rebalancing.
  • Nifty BEES are purchased in the basket at the time of every basket purchase. This is to cover the cost of basket maintenance. This avoids frequent payment of charges by clients. The client also stays invested during such period and funds are not idle.
  • A review of the basket is done on a daily basis; however, rebalancing is done for a year period, and that too on a need basis only to ensure that the stocks within the basket meet all investment parameters as per scientific investment principle.
  • There will be a minimum charge of Rs. 25 per contract at the time of rebalancing.
  • Maintenance charges will be collected first through the funds available in the client’s ledger, then through the mandate given for the bank account and the Nifty BEES will be liquidated only if the funds available under the previous 2 options are inadequate.
  • You are free to exit basket-wise or exit from all baskets at any point in time. No investor can selectively exit from certain stocks or add any particular stock in the iBasket.
  • Concerning the bank mandate, we will need 20% more mandate of the entire basket amount. This is because of the fluctuations in the stock price. Please note bank mandate is compulsory in iBasket.
  • The software maintenance charges for iBasket will be charged quarterly in advance to the client. ACMIIL will levy a fee of 2.5% on the holding of the investment in iBasket. ACMIIL will apply standard equity brokerage charges, ensuring that they are within the regulatory prescribed limits.
  • If a basket is purchased before the 1st date of the upcoming financial quarter, the system will debit the maintenance charges (upfront) on a pro-rata basis for the basket on the purchase date. Subsequent debits will occur on the 1st date of each financial quarter, namely 1st April, 1st July, 1st October, and 1st January. ACMIIL will retain 3% of the investment amount in Nifty BeEs, which will be used for payment of maintenance charges. These charges will also be covered during re-balancing activities.
  • The client agrees that in case of any dispute, the claim and/or disputes will be referred to arbitration as per the Rules, Bye-laws, and Regulations of the Stock Exchange where the trade is executed and the circulars/notices issued there under as may be in force from time to time.
  • I have understood that Investment in the securities market is subject to market risk, read all the related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and future results.
  • I have understood the Investment basket fee terms and other financial conditions and the clarifications required by me. I understand that the investment in the Equity basket is subject to risk associated with equity investments. I have understood the investment process and other aspects of the product.
  • I hereby agree to participate.
terms and condition

Schedule - I

Commercial Terms (Fee Structure)

Investment Basket Fees Structure For Our Recommended Baskets

Heads Fee Structure
Buy Brokerage NIL
Software Maintenance Charges 2.5% on the holding of the investment in iBasket and will be charged quarterly in advance.
Approx holding value : 10000 (INR 62.5 charged quarterly in advance) and INR 250 yearly on Holding value.
DP Sell - Charges INR 15 per ISIN
Sell Brokerage 0.30% on transaction value

Note: Government tax and other agencies transaction charges are applicable. Fees are not refundable. Bank mandate is compulsory.

Investment Basket Fee Structure For Creating Your Own Basket

Heads Fee Structure
Basket Creation Charges (Per Basket) INR 100
Order Execution Charges (Buy & Sell) 0.30% on Transaction Value
DP Sell Charges INR 15 per ISIN

Note: Government tax and other agencies transaction charges are applicable. Fees are not refundable. Bank mandate is compulsory.